Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious matter that violates both California and Federal Law. Generally, sexual harassment is any unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior. It involves a broad range of conduct, including both verbal as well as physical harassment.

Examples of sexual harassment, which bring rise to a “hostile working” environment claim include:

  • Unwanted sexual advances or propositions

  • Verbal conduct, including epithets, slurs or derogatory comments & comments about a person’s physical appearance or sexual activity

  • Physical conduct, including assault, unwanted touching or physical interference with movement

  • Leering looks, offensive gestures, sexually suggestive posters or drawings

Employers have a duty to maintain a safe work environment that is free from sexual harassment and may not retaliate against individuals who report incidences of sexual harassment. Furthermore, if an employer is put on notice that sexual harassment is occurring in the workplace and fails to acknwoledghe or fails to investigate your claim or complaint, they may be guilty of failure to investigate under California and Federal laws.

If you believe you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, or retaliated against for reporting incidences of sexual harassment, contact the Stanley C. Franklin law firm where we can evaluate your claim and advise you of your rights.