Electric Skateboard Accidents

Electric skateboards involve the most complicated and nuanced areas of law at the moment as these mobile transports spread around and offer new and exciting ways for people to get around urban areas. Due to the inherent mobility of these skateboards, the skateboard companies put riders at a very high risk of an injury inducing accident – either from falls or collisions with other vehicles.

With this new mode of transport, there also comes many complex legal issues. Think about it. Is there a law to wear helmet? Can you ride them on a sidewalk or city street? Can you ride them with the flow of traffic or against the flow of traffic? Who do you sue if you are injured from a fall due to a pothole or a road hazard?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, do not fret, nearly 90% of people using electric skateboards are aware of the laws. The laws are always evolving and you need a qualified professional to stay on top of them. That is why you need to hire a lawyer immediately when involved in a skateboard accident to protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

Accidents can occur on skateboards just like they can with regular vehicles. In fact, many accidents occur between skateboards and vehicles. Negligent driver’s may not see you and hit you while you are riding your skateboard. Malfunctioning or broken skateboards can injure you; the wheels might lock up or the board might crack, causing you to fall off or to run into something. You may even be injured as a pedestrian who is struck by someone else operating a skateboard.

We are here to help you address those injuries and fight for your rights. The Franklin attorneys remain up to date on the laws and have secured many favorable settlements for electric skateboard injuries. We are aggressive and thorough advocates for our clients. Call or e-mail to schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.

New Industry, New Legal Issues

Although the laws are constantly evolving as the city figures out what do about the uptrend in electric skateboard demand, at the moment, here are some basic tips based on California laws that you should guide you while operating an electric skateboard:

  • Carry a valid driver’s license or permit when operating one

  • Wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet, no matter your age

  • Preferably ride along designated bike lanes on the street

  • Do not carry any package that does not allow for at least one hand on the handlebar

  • When disembarking, leave the skateboard upright with its kickstand – do not leave the skateboard on its side

  • Park the skateboard in a way that is not blocking pedestrian traffic

  • Never have more than one person per skateboard

  • Do not attach yourself or the skateboard to any cars while operating one