What is a contingency fee? 

A contingency fee is just like it sounds. It is a fee that is paid contingent upon money being awarded. If no money is obtained by the lawyer in the case, then the client does not owe the lawyer a fee. If a monetary award is obtained, either through settlement or verdict, the lawyer gets a percentage of the total recovery.

At our firm, the initial consultation is always free, and you never have to pay anything out of pocket. If we win, all our fees are taken out of the awarded sum. If it turns out that we're not able to reach a settlement or secure damages either through a settlement or a verdict in the courtroom, you don't owe us a single legal fee. It's that simple.

Since the legal fees we charge are entirely contingent upon our ability to secure payment for you as our client, you don’t have to pay anything upfront or at all if we’re unable to win your case. Not only does that protect your wallet, it also aligns your legal interests with our financial interests. Consider it performance-based pricing!

Contingency-based pricing helps ensure that:

  • We don’t take cases that we don’t strongly believe in

  • We work quickly and efficiently

  • You won’t end up in worse financial shape than when you began